CasinoChan Bonuses for Canadians

CasinoChan is one of the most famous and well known casinos in both Canada and the world. To keep its old fans close and get new ones, it uses an extensive system of bonuses, rewards and VIP programs, which make the games even more exciting to play.

In this review we will read about all the bonuses that you can receive as a Canadian player, from the welcome bonus to the VIP rewards. We will also cover the reasons for why this casino is so popular with Canadians.

Overview of СasinoChan Bonuses

The venue has a wide variety of bonuses. Some are triggered by making deposits, while others are awarded as you play the casino and wager money.

The welcome bonus is credited to your account when you deposit a sum of money and input a bonus code. There are other bonuses too, such as the bonus from a VIP program or the bonus from participating in the lottery.

The Bonus Terms clearly say that all of them are active in Canada and work for Canadian players. This makes it the best Canadian Casino today.

CasinoChan Welcome Bonus Review

The welcome bonus is credited when you make your first four deposits. When making the deposit, input the code BERLIN. This code causes 100% of your deposit to be credited to your account in the form of bonus cash. There are also second, third, and fourth welcome bonuses. The bonuses give you both bonus cash and also CasinoChan free spins. All the bonuses are legal in Canada and accessible to Canadians.

Here’s a breakdown of all of the welcome bonuses:

  1. First Deposit. The first bonus gives you 100% of your deposit, and its maximum size is 100 dollars or euros
  2. Second and Third Deposit. The second bonus gives you 50% of your deposit, but the maximum size is 500 dollars
  3. Fourth Deposit. The fourth bonus gives you 50% of your deposit, with a maximum size of 250 dollars

CasinoChan Free Spins Promotions

The bonuses also give Canadian players free spins to play at any of the slot games. The first bonus gives you 30 free spins in addition to the money. The next three bonuses give you a similar award, and you get 30 free spins after each bonus is activated. The free spins can be used in most slots, and the casino will usually give you free spins for a certain game. For example, the first 30 free spins can only be used with the game Fire and Steel.

Free spins can also be won as part of the lottery game or the weekly tournaments. Participation in the VIP program may also award you free spins. In some cases, assembling a unique combination of blocks in a slot game will give you a few free spins for this game.

CasinoChan Bonus Codes in Canada

The bonus codes can be easily found on the casino’s site.
There are not many no deposit bonus codes. The only one known now is AMSTERDAM, giving you 33 free spins. This is the only free spins code that does not require you to deposit money.

Payment Requirements for Canadians

The only requirement to make a payment is to have a legit payment method. There are a number of different payment methods to consider, and a lot of them are quite common. Users have never found it hard to make payments on CasinoChan, as it is well-built and features many different methods of payment.

Withdrawal Requirements & Times

To withdraw money, Canadian players need to provide identification documents that show you are really an existing person. The ID will also confirm that you have specified the correct name and country when you registered.
You will also need to provide documents that show you are living at the place where you specified. This document can be a bill, a ticket or anything else that shows your name and an address.
In Canada, withdrawals take between a few minutes to a couple of days to process, depending on the method.

CasinoChan VIP Program

The VIP programs is made to encourage true highrollers to wager even more. You receive VIP points for wagering large amounts. The more points you have, the higher your level is. The person who reaches the final level usually gets a large reward, such as a luxury class car.

World-Class Tournaments for Canadian Players

There are many tournaments on CasinoChan, and most are built like a jackpot or lottery, where many players wager and compete to earn the prize. There are usually a number of prizes, which are given out to the multiple winners.

The tournaments usually work with bonus cash and free spins – the first 50 players get various amounts of cash, and the next 50 get bonus spins.

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